Licensed Residential Treatment

Joint Commission Accredited

Residential care at Serenity is designed to allow you to focus exclusively on your recovery.

You will be surrounded by a professional staff, working a structured program, and living in a comfortable and secluded small group residential environment.

Licensed Residential Treatment

So, why residential treatment instead of another route? The truth is that relapse happens in up to 60% of those who only remove the physical dependency of drugs and alcohol. Many people need more than just time to strive for recovery. At Serenity Care Centers, we know that continued care and planning can be needed to maintain sobriety. It can help you become mentally secure in your new path.

Three things that can greatly increase your odds of long-term sobriety:

  1. Licensed Residential Treatment Committing to your program is important – you can only get out what you put in.
  2. Treatment of any underlying mental issues Most addictions don’t happen without an underlying cause, so treating this along with your addiction is paramount.
  3. It’s recommended to stay as long as needed in treatment 30 days is an arbitrary number, more determined by insurance companies than addiction professionals.

In residential care, you can receive more personal attention, so it’s easier to make a commitment to the program. There is also more time to address underlying issues. You will work through therapy sessions that let you better understand your behaviors. You will learn the healthy coping mechanisms you need to succeed in life.

You will be living in a warm and pleasant group setting. Interacting with other people who are going through similar struggles can offer you two opportunities. First, it builds your social support system. Second, it acts as a mirror of your addictive behavior, letting you see more clearly what you need to change about yourself.

We can be completely powerless over strong addictions without structured help. We have little to no hope of breaking these habits just by saying ‘no.’
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Why Residential Rehab?

Patients don’t have to be powerless forever, but they need the structure necessary to rewire their systems to function without substances. This means relearning everything you already know and choosing a better path.

The Residential Rehab Process

Doctors, psychologists, and therapists are all a part of the process. You will be able to discuss your triggers, concerns, desires and problems in order to help find out what best suits you in recovery. You can work through coping mechanisms as well as real world situations to some of the bigger obstacles in your life.

Programs vary and will be customized to your needs, but will keep you busy all day. Activities include working out, group therapy, individual therapy, etc. One goal is to help you find better hobbies and outlets for your energy. Another goal is to teach you how to be happy without needing external substances.

Residential treatment strives to lead you to a happy, healthy life beyond the world of substance abuse. It will show you not only what your life can be like but how much better you can feel once you are free of your addiction.

How Can I get More Information?

If you are interested in Residential Treatment at Serenity Care Centers, please give us a call anytime 24 hours a day at 855-302-2902 to speak with a representative. They can help you determine if it is the right choice for you based on your locational, fiscal and clinical needs.