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Our admissions coordinator who guided us through the clinical and financial process. He facilitated the admission into the intensive treatment program for our loved one. He was extremely responsive to all our questions and concerns as were the clinical staff. Thanks to Adam and all the clinical staff for a positive treatment experience and outcome. With Appreciation, Pat
PatMar 21, 2018
Kyle @ 02/26/2018 17:45
Review: Staff was very knowledgeable and understanding of my situation, moods, and feelings. Individual help from case manager and therapist. Clean, safe, and comfortable homelike living quarters. After completing detox I moved on to a half way and am now an active member in the alumni program in Stuart Florida, and it is like nothing I have ever been a part of. It is the meeting I look forward to the most from week to week. Overall an amazing experience.
Kyle JohnstonFeb 26, 2018
Dillon @ 12/20/2016 03:26
The program that Serenity Care Centers offers is truly one of a kind. The therapists, case managers, and BHT's are some of the most caring people I've ever encountered. The environment was therapeutic, I was able to let my guard down and open up. The program helped me to clean out all the negativity in my life that was holding me in my addiction. Today I feel like a whole new person, free and serene!
DillonDec 20, 2016
Rachel @ 11/03/2016 03:39
When I got to Serenity Care Centers I started to see that a life without drinking was possible. Thanks to all the teachings, lessons, and one on one sessions I was able to get the tools I needed to live a sober life. Today I am grateful for a chance at a sober and joyous life. Thanks SCC for helping me rise up from my bottom.
RachelNov 3, 2016
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