Privacy / Confidentiality

Joint Commission Accredited

We Protect Our Patients’ Information – Private Detox and Rehab

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when it comes to rehabilitation. Concerns about whether your private information is getting into the wrong hands are not something a patient needs to be worried about during recovery. The commitment to privacy is demonstrated by the facility being HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant adhering to the standards of the Private Health Information (PHI) section of the law. Only those you deem appropriate will have any access to your information. Insurance companies even have limited access, and nothing can be reported to anyone else without your express permission.

Professional Staff

As professionals, the staff and doctors are well versed in using private locations to have confidential discussions. They also keep all files and paperwork covered and out of the line of sight of other patients. Only those who need access to your information for providing medications, assessing your current status or preparing for a counseling session will ever be able to see your chart. HIPAA requires that all reasonable care be taken to keep patient information away from those without a “need to know.” This means nurses and doctors will not be talking about your case unless they are passing on necessary facts in a private location.

Only the Best Partners

By partnering with only licensed and credible companies the facility aims to ensure your confidentiality throughout the process. While you are at our private detox no one can come to the premises without your permission; no one can get information about your current status, and no information will be released over the phone except to properly vetted entities. The facility cannot even confirm you are a patient to anyone who is not included on your list of authorized parties.

Medical records live under lock and key. Paperwork will not be left out with your private information on it. Due to the nature of therapy, all lists and information posted for other patients to see will only contain your first name and last initial. The only way your last name is released is if you choose to tell your fellow patients. This step protects your privacy and also allows you to build trust before revealing such information to others.

You Can Trust Us

The stigma associated by those who do not understand the process of addiction often stops people from seeking the help needed. By sticking to strict confidentiality guidelines, our private detox facility aims to remove the fear and anxiety caused by wondering who might find out. The process of recovery requires that you feel safe and the goal is to limit any unnecessary stress. Privacy is one of the easiest things to maintain and one of the most important comforts throughout the process.

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