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Opiates are medications used to relieve pain. They work by reducing the intensity of the pain signals sent to the brain. They also affect brain centers that deal with emotions and diminish the effect of painful stimuli.

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Opiate detox can be demanding. No matter what your level of problem with opiates, we can help. Let us take care of the withdrawal symptoms. You do not want to handle them alone. Come to Serenity – we can help you detox in safety and comfort. Call us now: 855-302-2902

Prescribed Opiates fall into four categories:

  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Morphine
  • Codeine

Nerve cells in the brain have specific responses to pain. When an individual abuses opiates, The brain begins to rely less on the natural process and relies more on opiates to respond to the pain. When someone wants to quit using opiates, the brain has a hard time dealing with this radical change, and the person experiences a painful response in the form of withdrawal symptoms.

While many people want to stop using opiates, the pain and discomfort associated with doing so are usually frightening. At Serenity Care Centers, we understand this fear of stopping. Using professional methods, we can help design an opiate detox treatment plan tailored to your needs, ensuring that the detox process is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Our doctors, counselors, psychiatrists, and nurses know that everyone’s situation is different, and we tailor each program to each individual’s needs.

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Opiate Detox Centers

While some people want to quit opiates cold turkey, we strongly suggest avoiding this method. Opiate withdrawal can be severe and painful, and without correct management of withdrawal symptoms, it can even be deadly. At Serenity Care Center, prescription medications, such as suboxone, are used as part of the program to ensure painless weaning and to prevent further dependency on opiates. The medication used for tapering will primarily work by mimicking the effects of the drug you want to quit, but these medications do not have the same side effects, such as addiction and feelings of being high. Therefore, they are safe for those in detox. Suboxone can easily be gradually reduced.

Tapering is a great strategy of ridding the body of opiates. Tapering ensures that the body slowly absorbs the shock of being opiate free and reduces the withdrawal symptoms associated with sudden cessation. If carefully planned, tapering can provide a less painful withdrawal. In addition, the medical staff can administer selected drugs depending on each unique case to help provide a pain-free opiate detox. The drugs used allow successful tapering with minimal addictive effects. Given the complex nature of the drugs used for weaning and tapering, it is important that patients undergo this process at a certified medical detox facility so they benefit from the support, expertise, and immediate assistance provided if severe withdrawal effects occur.

The expertise of and care provided by the medical staff at our opiate detox facility can help make it much easier for patients to quit using opiates. If you or your loved one is struggling with opiate addiction please call us at 855-302-2902 Our caring representatives can help. We are available 24/7