Licensed Methadone Detox

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Methadone Detox

With the help and support of the licensed medical professionals at Serenity Care Centers, detoxing from methadone can be less difficult and dangerous.

Methadone is a drug administered often during heroin detox to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Using methadone to help someone detox from heroin is a double-edged sword, however, because methadone is also very addictive. Often, individuals who detox from heroin using methadone overcome their heroin addiction but become addicted to methadone. At Serenity Care Centers, we strive to ensure that patients leaving our facility are completely free of all substance addiction. We do this to help their successful recovery.

excessive sweating

  • exhaustion
  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • excessive sweating
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • cramps
  • diarrhea

The possibility of experiencing these symptoms can make the thought of withdrawing from methadone daunting, but the long-term benefits of a life free from the drug can greatly outweigh the short-term discomfort.

Enrolling in a certified medical detox program is essential for methadone detox because the risk of relapse and the health implications are high. At Serenity Care Centers, our fully staffed medical team will monitor you or your loved one 24 hours a day to work towards a complete and successful detox. We keep our clients safe and comfortable throughout this recovery phase by administering medication to limit withdrawal symptoms. Our primary goal at all times is to get you or your loved one on the right road to recovery.

If you are ready for a healthier life, one free from the dangerous effects of methadone, please contact us today at 855-302-2902. We can assess you or your loved one’s personal situation and begin the recovery journey immediately.

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