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Did you know that many people really want to quit alcohol and drugs? Sadly, close to 95% of those who try quitting on their own don’t succeed. Research has proven, however, that people who entrust their recovery process to a medical detox program are more likely to recover fully and enjoy the benefits of living a fulfilling life.

When you need a serious detox, you want the safety and comfort of Serenity.

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What is medical detox?

Detox is the short form of the word “detoxification,” which means the removal of toxins from the body. Medical detox is detoxification that takes place under medical supervision.

A successful medical detox program ensures that the detoxing person is comfortable and safe from many medical risks that might arise from discontinuing use of alcohol or drugs. It is just the beginning of a long journey to a healthy life.

How long will it take?

While most centers estimate that the detox process will take a week to ten days, the length of time depends on several factors:

  • your unique DNA and metabolism
  • the type of drug for which you seek detoxification
  • the amount of the drug or alcohol you used, over what period of time
  • your age
  • your overall health status
  • your state of hydration
  • your state of mineral and vitamin deficiency

What Happens at Medical Detox Centers

When you arrive at the medical detox facility, the medical staff will take your history and work with you on the best medical detox plan for you. Your medical detox plan could change, depending on how you respond to the treatments. Your team will ensure good hydration and proper levels of vitamins and minerals for your body as you progress through the detox process. You can be confident that the clinical staff will work 24/7 to keep you safe as well as comfortable.


Withdrawal symptoms may vary from mild to moderate and sometimes to life-threatening. They can include headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, lack of concentration, sweating, palpitations, racing heart, difficulty breathing, tremor, vomiting, and tightness in the chest. The most dangerous of the symptoms include heart attack, stroke, hallucinations, grand mal seizures, and delirium tremens.

Withdrawal need not worry you if you choose a medical detox; the physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, behavioral health technicians, therapists, and counselors attending to you will be on hand to prescribe necessary measures and treatments to alleviate symptoms and make you comfortable. Because of this, you will need to stay at the facility during the medical detox process.


Medical detoxification has restored many people to healthy and fulfilling lives. Anyone challenged by alcohol or drug dependency has a chance to recover through medical detox. You can, too. Don’t waste another moment—call us a 855-302-2902

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