Evidence-Based Treatment

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What Is an Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Program?

Chances are when you are sick you go to a doctor. A doctor who has gone to medical school follows the scientific methods he was taught and comes up with a plan of treatment based on evidence. The same thing is necessary when you are recovering from addiction. And that is what we offer with our licensed Residential Treatment program.

While many programs out there rely on constant input from others, meetings and daily affirmations of your sobriety, evidence-based treatment is more about treating your mind, retraining yourself and finding a way to be happy sober. Evidence-based therapy is about getting down to the source of your problems and finding better coping mechanisms. It is about treating yourself better, and how much better you feel when you are sober.

Evidence-based addiction treatment is holistic in its approach. It is not about just cutting you off from drugs and alcohol but understanding why you were seeking comfort in drugs in the first place. Replacing your bad habits with good habits. Replacing your bad highs with healthy highs.

The world tends to point the finger at those suffering from addiction, calling them weak. The truth is, most people afflicted with addiction are incredibly hard on themselves. They tend to be intelligent people who are perfectionists and who need help to endure a world that can be unjust and downright cruel. Finding new outlets, ways to deal with people and circumstances, can be much more effective than just attending meetings when you want to have a drink. While it is important to have a network of people you trust it is not reliable for long-term sobriety.

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Evidence-based treatment focuses on changing how you relate to the world. It helps alter how you socialize, who you hang out with and ultimately how you face work and your family. It allows for you to seek freedom from your former addictions as well as the judgment of others. You can begin to understand what matters to you and how that can change your lifestyle.

Not only will the patient go through therapy, but she will also have a chance to find new hobbies and new coping mechanisms. The goal is to keep a patient thinking about themselves, their happiness and the future in a way that makes going back to an old life unappealing. Addiction is a life-long struggle, but it can be overcome when one can look at the big picture.

A facility focusing on evidence-based addiction treatment is looking for long-term success. The goal is never to get you off drugs and alcohol for now but to keep you off them in the long term. Evidence-based treatment is for those who are serious about putting their lives on a new path towards success and happiness. It is all about your future.