The Continuum of Care

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The Continuum of Care

It’s a common misconception among those who seek treatment for addiction that the work is over once they’ve passed the detox and rehabilitation stages. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true. Addiction is a chronic illness, and it needs to be treated as such. As with any chronic illness, there is no “cure.” It is possible for a person to be in recovery as long as they are receiving treatment, only to find themselves relapsing as soon as treatment is halted. This is why The American Society of Addiction Medicine recommends following a continuum of care that begins with intervention and continues long after the client has gone on with their life.

At Serenity Care Centers we have partnered with some of the top treatment facilities in the country to provide our clients with a continuum of care that is unique to their individual needs. By choosing to come to our detox facility, our clients gain access to the resources they need to not only become sober – but to stay sober long term.

Multidimensional Treatment Approach

Treatment options on our continuum include:

  • Detox We offer a 24/7, fully supervised medical detox program, complete with medication to help with withdrawals and keep you safe and stable. Medical detox is critical for a safe and lasting recovery, as the symptoms of withdrawal can be dangerous and range from agitation and depression to hallucinations and even seizures or strokes. We specialize in both alcohol detox and drug detox programs.
  • Residential Treatment for Addiction Our approach to rehabilitation is tailored to each client’s needs and situation. This may include group meetings, individual counseling sessions, or other treatment options. This gives the client time to learn new coping strategies for dealing with the daily stress and frustrations in their life, instead of turning to their addiction.
  • Dual Diagnosis We offer treatment for clients who have a dual diagnosis. Therapy is offered individually and in a group setting, with trained therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Often drugs or alcohol are used as a means of self-medication to deal with the symptoms of an underlying or undiagnosed mental illness. A dual diagnosis allows the client to receive treatment not only for their addiction but for the root cause as well.
  • Intensive Outpatient Partners (IOP) Once detox and rehab is complete, clients may enter our partners’ intensive outpatient program designed to help them successfully maintain their recovery in their daily life. This allows them to apply the skills they have learned in a semi-supervised setting before returning home. This is an important step for many in recovery, allowing the client to learn to use all of the new tools and strategies they’ve learned while in rehab.
No matter what stage you or your loved one is on in the recovery process, Serenity Care Centers can help. Each person will have unique needs. Recovery is a continuum. Call us today: 855-302-2902. Allow us to help you or your loved one on the path.
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